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General FAQ

Where is your office located?

We are conveniently located at the entrance to Lake Arrowhead Village, in the historic Saddleback Center.

How do I subscribe to your service? 

Simply give us a call to get started (909-336-2704) or click “Get Started” on our Packages page.


Patrol FAQ

What is included in Interior & Exterior Patrol Service (Gold)?  

Essentially, we are your eyes and ears when you cannot be here. Our patrolman do a complete exterior house check first, then check the interior. We lock every door and window, check the water heater to be sure it’s hot, turn the thermostat up to insure the furnace is working and then set the thermostats where you want them. On our weekly visit, we turn the water valve off (depending on your preference-- on or off), shut the valves to the washing machine off (a frequent source of flooding, we have found), check that the refrigerator is cold and the telephone has a dial tone. Your home will be posted with our signs to let strangers know your house is patrolled. 24 hour Alarm Response to your monitored alarm is included with Interior & Exterior Patrol service. We watch for signs of intruders, rodents and critters and report anything unusual directly to you, via phone or email.  We sign a security log sheet that is kept in your house each week, so if you haven’t been up for a while you can see a record of our house checks. 

Can you ready my house for my arrival?

Yes! This is FREE with our Interior & Exterior Patrol service (Gold) if done at the same time as your weekly house check. We can set your thermostat, turn on the lights and water valve, so you can start relaxing the minute you walk into your comfortable, welcoming retreat. Our clients tell us they enjoy this little perk more than anything. You can also request an “arrival prep” if you are not on Interior & Exterior Patrol Service, for a small fee.  

Will you turn my water off or on?  

Yes, we can do that as part of our weekly house check at no additional charge.

What if I need to reach someone after hours?  

Our phone is answered 24 hrs. a day and a patrolman is always on duty to assist.

How many times will you respond to my alarm on Alarm Response Service (Bronze)?

You get unlimited alarm response. However, after responding two or more times to a particular zone, we may ask the monitoring company to place the faulty zone on test until we can contact you to resolve the problem.

Are your patrolmen armed?

Our patrolmen are not armed. However, if they find evidence of a crime at your home they will immediately call the Sheriff, and wait at your house until a unit arrives. We will contact you to give you a report.

Does the sheriff respond to my alarm too? 

If you request sheriff response with your monitoring company they can, but the Sheriff Deputy does not have a key to check inside your home. That’s where we come in, as the responding agent for your monitored alarm.  If we find an urgent problem at your home, we will call you right away, and can even coordinate boarding up a window, if needed.

What is included in Weekly Exterior Patrol (Silver)?

Once a week, we walk the perimeter of your home, checking that doors are locked, and looking for any problems (screens missing or ajar, fallen limbs from trees, damage to decks and stairs, to name a few) that should be reported to you.


Short Term Rentals FAQ

My house is a short term rental; can my renters or neighbors call you ? 

Yes. The San Bernardino County ordinance requires an owner or manager to answer calls 24 hrs a day AND be able to arrive physically at the property within one hour to respond to complaints.  Our Short Term Rental Service takes that burden off you. 

Where can I find information about the county requirements if my house is a rental?

You can refer to this link

What if I don't live within an hour of my rental property? 

No worries, we're local and can meet that county requirement.

Who keeps the written records of complaints and resolution?

We keep thorough and complete records of all activity to meet county compliance. 

What is included with Short Term Rental Service (Platinum)? 

Weekly house checks, both exterior and interior, which can resolve many potential problems before renters arrive.  Of course we check doors and windows, but more importantly, we check that the furnace and the water heater are working, and look for signs of leaks or problems to help keep your rental trouble-free.  If you have a monitored alarm system, our Platinum level also includes 24/hr alarm response at no additional charge. 

Who do my renters call when they have a problem?

909-336-2704, answered 24 hrs/day.


Concierge FAQ

What is included with Concierge Service (Concierge)?

We hold your keys in our key vault in our office, in case an authorized guest or worker needs to check it out. We post your home with our distinctive signs. You have free notary and fax services. You also have access to ALL of our services for an additional fee, including house checks, arrival preparation, hauling trash and coordinating contractors.

Who do I call if there’s a problem at my house?

Call us at 909-336-2704, answered 24 hrs/day.


Other Services FAQ

Where do I take my trash?

Hammer’s Mountain Patrol picks up securely bagged trash that weighs no more than 35 lbs per bag, and are billed per bag.  You can call to request trash hauling, or if you're on Gold or Platinum service, we can haul the trash automatically on our weekly visit.  

Do you deliver newspapers?

Yes we do, even if you want a newspaper for just a couple days. Please call at least 24 hrs in advance to make your request, or click on “Client Scheduler” to do it conveniently online.  Newspaper charges are added to your quarterly statement.

Can you give me the names of a good plumber, housekeeper or exterminator?

Yes, of course, we are happy to give our clients numbers to reliable workers.  We have a good relationship with many companies on the mountain, and they give our clients extra good care.

Can you arrange someone to clean my house, fix a leak, and repair an appliance or other bothersome repairs? 

Yes! You call the shots, we do the footwork. We make the calls to get the estimate you need, and follow up per your instructions. There is a small coordinating fee to arrange work with our list of excellent subcontractors.

Who delivers firewood?

Our sister company, Hammer’s Mountain Services, offers competitive pricing and delivery of firewood.

Will you turn on my sprinklers?

We can assist with coordinating a service provider to do that.

Can you put snow chains on my car?

Yes.  Our sister company, Hammer’s Mountain Services, offers competitive pricing on chain installation.

Can you arrange snowplowing my driveway?  

Yes. Snow plowing is done by Hammer’s Mountain Services, with priority given to our Patrol customers, and is billed separately.

When do I have to have my annual fire clearance done?

June 1.


Billing FAQ

What does it cost for an after-hours trip to the house? 

Most trips during business hours are $25, but after-hours $45, weekend trips are $55

How often will I get a bill? 

We bill quarterly. 

Am I locked into a long contract? 

Not at all.  You are free to stop your service at any time; our contract is month to month.

Can I set up automatic credit card billing?

Yes. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.


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