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Randy L. Pasadena, CA

Over the years any repair or maintenance work we needed done, we simply called Ron and he took care to see it was done correctly and at a reasonable price. He has made owning a second home effectively worry free and effortless for us. Over 10'yrs of service he has shown himself to be reliable to a fault, reasonable in all things and most importantly to me, honest and a person true to his word. Frankly you don't come across people like Ron much anymore, too bad.


Allen C.  Manhattan Beach, CA

Ron Hammer and his crew are fantastic.  We have been customers for the past 17 years and can't imagine how complicated things would be without them!!  If you own property in the mountains then you know how difficult it is to find good, reliable, competent, quality help.  We outsource everything to his team, but you can even count on them for one off jobs, which is the beauty of his service.  As you can tell, I highly recommend them and I would be happy to give a personal reference for Hammer Mountain Patrol.


Linda Marlene S. Lake Arrowhead, CA

On Friday December 11th, my husband, myself and our cat rode up the mountain in a Toyota Camry w/o chains. We had no idea there was ice and snow on the roads that would cause being stuck.  We came across a white Silverado truck that was stuck and blocking the road.  Because we slowed down & stopped, our car became stuck. I thought immediately that perhaps Ron Hammer would know what to do. He not only volunteered to find us and help us get home but most of all he gave me comfort and the feeling of being safe.  We eventually got going & arrived safely at home.  The comfort of Ron staying in touch with us proves that he and his company will go beyond the call of duty for their clients (friends).  I would highly recommend them - you could not be in better hands!!


Kent K. Manhattan Beach, CA

I am fourth generation Lake Arrowhead... My family has had a home in the mountains since 1932.  My wife and I bought our own home in 1998. My family and I have worked with the Hammers for 17 years. There is no more reliable, smart, trustworthy family on the mountain. From security to everyday help, to eyes on the mountain when we cannot be there. They are the ones we have trusted and will continue to trust, we hope, for many, many years to come. They have helped us from simple home repairs to major remodels, from issues with our electrical to every imaginable need on a mountain home.


Glenn T. San Marino, CA

We have enjoyed our second home at Lake Arrowhead for over 30 years.  Over the years we have come to appreciate the importance of having a good patrol service to watch over our property when we are not there.  When it came time to switch patrol companies, we learned thorough word of mouth about Hammer's Mountain Patrol.  Hammer's Mountain Patrol provides services that we needed but never got from our previous patrol company.  We fully appreciate and trust their dedication to excellent field service as well as the seasoned and knowledgeable office staff.  Once again, we feel that our home is in good hands with a company that cares for our property; something that is extremely important to us because of our infrequent visits.  Based on our experience we would highly recommend Hammer's Mountain Patrol, a locally owned dedicated company that is working hard to provide the best service on the mountain.


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