Hammer's Mountain Patrol-Private Security and Concierge Services Company

A private security and concierge services company

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exterior and interior patrol

  1. Key Holding
  2. Signage
  3. Notary and fax service
  4. 24 Hour response to your monitored alarm system
  5. Weekly Perimeter Checks of all accessible areas of your home.
  6. Weekly interior home inspections of all accessible areas
  7. Turn water valves on/off
  8. Weekly check of thermostats, water heater, furnace, washing machine valves, refrigerator & telephone
  9. Lock all doors & windows
  10. Arrival preparation (no additional charge if done at time of weekly house check)
  11. Trash Hauling (charged per bag or can)
  12. Coordinating contractors/service persons (charged per request)


"We have enjoyed our second home at Lake Arrowhead for over 30 years.  Over the years we have come to appreciate the importance of having a good patrol service to watch over our property when we are not there.  When it came time to switch patrol companies, we learned thorough word of mouth about Hammer's Mountain Patrol.  Hammer's Mountain Patrol provides services that we needed but never got from our previous patrol company.  We fully appreciate and trust their dedication to excellent field service as well as the seasoned and knowledgeable office staff.  Once again, we feel that our home is in good hands with a company that cares for our property; something that is extremely important to us because of our infrequent visits.  Based on our experience we would highly recommend Hammer's Mountain Patrol, a locally owned dedicated company that is working hard to provide the best service on the mountain."

Glenn T.

San Marino, Ca